Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube whiz kid
Posted on 01/27/2015

Fourth grader Ethan Hudlow of Oak Grove Elementary School received media attention last week when news broke that the 9-year-old was registering to vie in a World Cube Association sanctioned Rubik’s Cube competition April 25 in Texas.

So far Ethan’s record for solving the Rubik’s Cube is 24 seconds, he says, and even more impressively, his SINGS (Serving the Individual Needs of Gifted Students) teacher Patty Reed just peaked his curiosity in the puzzle a few months ago.

“This experience hasn’t just taught Ethan about solving the Rubik’s Cube, he has learned that he is capable of doing something very amazing,” Reed stated. “I’m anxious to see what problem he chooses to tackle next.”

Reed recalled how in September she had left out a classroom set of Rubik’s Cubes that her older students had used. When the fourth grade class had noticed the box, several students grew excited, so she allowed them to give it a try. After about a half-hour, all but three students remained interested, and Reed sent them each home with a set of instructions.

“For some reason, the Rubik’s Cube just clicked with Ethan,” said Reed, noting that the boy came into class the following week with his own cube. “Within a short time, he had memorized the steps, which is no small task.”


Cutline: Gifted student Ethan Hudlow demonstrates to KFVS12 Reporter Nichole Cartmell how fast he can solve his favorite Rubik’s Cube in his collection, the standard 3x3x3 model.

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